Hultquist Celestial Star Necklace

Hultquist Celestial Star Necklace

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Hultquist Celestial Star Necklace, embellished to shine bright, this beautiful pendant symbolises the powerful guiding properties of the mystical stars. 

Silver plated brass necklace by Hultquist Copenhagen. 

Hultquist Copenhagen is a unique handcrafted Danish jewellery brand with a stunning collection of designs. 

Jewellery Pouch

Jewellery presented in a black drawstring mesh pouch.

Jewellery Care 

We recommend that you take off your Hultquist jewellery when you sleep, bathe, during sports, cleaning and gardening.

All jewellery that is worn is affected by chemicals including perfumes, sweat, water, moisture, carbon monoxide, skin acids, etc. Therefore we advise you to remove your jewellery when you sleep, swim, sunbathe, practice sports, gym etc., and store in the jewellery pouch accommpanied with your jewellery to achieve longer durability.