Top 5 Jewellery Trends for Autumn & Winter!

When it comes to fall and winter fashion, nothing can complete an outfit like trendy jewellery and accessories. Whether it's an adorable necklace or delicate bracelet, accessories are a must in the colder seasons. Some of the fall and winter seasons' newest trends are rose gold plating, layered jewellery, and elegant, chic pendants.

At Bt9Boutque, we aim to provide our customers with the trendiest jewellery designs of the season. If you’re trying to stay up to date with current trends, looking to spice up your wardrobe, or you’re looking to get a loved one a wonderful gift, take a look at these five trendy jewellery trends for autumn and winter.


Here are five trendy accessories for the Autumn and Winter:

1. Hultquist Pine Cone Layered Gold Plated Necklace

 The Hultquist Pine Cone Layered Gold Plated necklace is a trendy addition to any outfit. With an outdoorsy theme, this necklace has two dainty chains and three pendants. One of these pendants is a gold plated acorn. The chains' color will go well with all autumn and winter toned outfits, and the nature-themed pendants will take your outfit to the next level. The best part about this necklace is that it represents the colder seasons without being too on the nose. The acorn pendant gives off a whimsical vibe, but it's subtle and elegant.


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2. Hultquist Polar Layered Silver Plated Necklace

The Hultquist Polar Layered Silver Plated Necklace will add a unique touch to any winter outfit. Inspired by nordic winter, this mixed metal jewellery gives off a snowy, mystical, otherworldly vibe. This trendy layered necklace comes with two chains (made out of silver-plated nickel-free brass) and two Nordic style pendants. One pendant is a white opaque crystal, and the other is a trendy rune-inspired compass. This stunning necklace is gorgeous and screams winter wonderland magic. Add this layered necklace to any outfit and find yourself turning into a winter goddess.


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3. Hultquist Maple Leaf Layered Bracelet Rose Gold

This Rose Gold Hultquist Maple Leaf Layered Bracelet is a trendy addition to your autumn or winter-themed outfit. This bracelet is part of a Scandinavian style jewellery collection inspired by nordic winter. The rose gold-toned jewellery is not only trendy, but it's also stunning. This layered bracelet has two dainty chains. One chain features a rose gold plated leaf. This bracelet is made of gold plated nickel-free brass. The outdoor, nature-themed bracelet is perfect for the free spirit with elegant taste. This design manages to be both feminine, chic, and subtle.


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4. Hultquist Maple Leaf Layered Bracelet

This Hultquist Maple Leaf Layered Bracelet is a stunning addition to any outfit in the fall and winter season. This layered bracelet is inspired by the Nordic winter and follows the design of classic Scandinavian style jewellery. This layered necklace has two dainty chains. It is made of silver-plated nickel-free brass. The main feature of this stunning piece is the silver-plated maple lead pendant. Layered bracelets provide a bohemian twist to any outfit, and this piece is so gorgeous! With the elegant, well-crafted design, this maple lead bracelet is perfect for the free spirit.


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5. Hultquist Crystal Medallion Silver Plated Bracelet

This Hultquist Crystal Medallion Silver Plated Bracelet is a stunning statement piece and the perfect addition to your outfit. It can be worn alone or layered with other Hultquist-Copenhagen jewellery. This adjustable bracelet has a circular pendant that captures the light with it's crystal detailing. It is made out of silver-plated nickel-free brass and has a lightweight design with an adjustable clasp. The best part about this stunning bracelet (besides how beautiful it is!) is that it will go with any outfit. It can stand alone and make a statement, but it can also blend in with other jewellery when layered.


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When it comes to jewellery, nothing compares to Hultquist. The Hultquist Copenhagen brand is one of the most successful Danish jewellery brands in the world. Hultquist is known for its chic, trendy, bohemian styled jewellery and its quality craftsmanship.


Unlike any other Danish jewellery company, Hultquist provides beautiful, well-crafted jewellery at an affordable price. Get your layered jewellery before other people catch wind of this growing autumn and winter trend!