The Style of Stacking Jewellery

Stacking and layering jewellery is a gorgeous trend that is here to stay. It creates a unique style, creating a stunning, eye-catching look. Its also a great way to maximise wear of your jewellery, adding new pieces in with older jewellery that you have stored in your jewellery box, giving it a fresh and cool new style. 

We are huge fans of jewellery stacking here at BT9 Boutique. We love to mix and match different metals, colours and style of jewellery. 

Our brand is perfect for stacking jewellery. As all our jewellery is designed in Copenhagen, it has that ideal minimalist look with cute details meaning endless stacking will never be too much. 

Check out some of our ideas for creating that layered look. We've pared our Hultquist Chunky Hammered silver plated bracelet with the Hultquist Crystal Medallion bracelet

The key to stacking and layering is to experiment and enjoy and create stunning stacks!