Door Knocker Earring Trend! It’s Here To Stay!

Let’s chat about the door-knocker earring. The name means different things to different wearers. Typically the door knocker earring is a hoop of gold or silver. It can be circular, square, triangular, or even heart-shaped and the door-knocker’s prevailing feature is its very obvious ample size. Generally with door knocker earrings, the earring dangles below the earlobe with a commanding and beautiful proportional presence.

Door knocker earrings were previously called ‘Bamboo’ earrings and became popular in the the mid to late 1980s. They became huge fashion accessories in the 80’s, made popular through hip hop stars wearing them in music videos, at festivals and on red carpet events! Today they are the must-have accessory and every celebrity, pop star and influencers are rocking these statement door knockers! 

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